Getting Organized…

So here is the thing about living in the same place for more than a year and not moving around… shit builds up! Normally I just go through the standard clean out my house when I move thing, but I am reaching 2 years in my apartment, and my big ass closet has already exploded about 20 times. Monday night I spent so much time folding laundry and then not having a place to put it because I have too many clothes. In addition, I acquired some much needed camping gear that I now need a space for. David even mentioned last night how he thinks this is the first time he could walk into my closet and not feel like something is going to crash on him. We’ve only been dating for 7 months!

This is a problem.

Enter me this morning into my therapist’s office. We talked about things and while the purpose of me going there has passed, I really need some help in the motivation department when it comes to the vicious cycle of me being tired and therefore not exercising, and blah blah blah. Honestly I need someone who is going to kick me in the butt and call me on my bullshit. She does it (and does it really well). So now I am no longer seeing a therapist, but rather a life coach. Or at least someone who knows me well enough to know how to get me to do what I really need to do in order to get the transformation that I so want and need.

How do the two relate? They really don’t. What I realized this morning is Lisa (my therapist) is giving me new tools I need to get motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. It isn’t too difficult, considering I am already eating pretty well, and when I eat a lot of carbs I am not a happy camper because I am super full and pretty much want to shoot myself. She is opening up my eyes at the things I want to overlook.

So now I have a plan…

I am willing to feel energized. That is my ultimate life goal. With that comes feeling good about myself, being positive, and sassy (my new favorite word at the moment). To this I must take the steps in order to feel energized, like getting enough sleep, healthy eating, and exercise. And within there I have steps I need to take in order to achieve this. I also have the steps/tasks that will help me recognize I am starting to drown. And I also have a reward set up to keep the eye on the prize.

So what is this current reward? Well if I can stay motivated for a week, I can finally buy that iPad I have been drooling over for the last month or so. If I can stay motivated for the month? I get to put the couch/chair set I want from Macy’s on the card.

And this is how my closet is tying into my motivation. Well first and foremost, I need to take back my space. So I’ve made a list (thanks to my friend Kati’s post) breaking up the different sections that desperately need to be de-cluttered. I’m calling the list “Cleanout 2011.” Here is the breakdown:

Cleanout 2011
1. Big Ass Closet
2. Little Ass Closet
3. Junk Drawer in the Kitchen
4. Coffee Table (believe me, if you saw it you would understand)
5. Bedside Table (again, trust me)
6. Bookshelf
7. TV Stand bookshelf 
8. DVD Bookshelf
9. Bathroom Cabinets
10. Pantry
11. Fridge (ok truth be told, I just did this one recently, but I am still putting it on the list)
12. Drawers with utensils and cupboard with pots/pans (that one is going to be the most interesting)
13. Cupboard under kitchen sink (aka the epic battle with the housecleaner)
14. Nook next to oven (bags galore)
15. Tupperware/Dishes Cupboard

The main goal with this is to break it up so it doesn’t feel so daunting. Probably over the course of a couple of months. A lot of this stuff is just going to go away because I dont use it/wear it/watch it/read it/need it. Simple is better! Once I have a bag ready to go, it is going in my car trunk and over to goodwill/crossroads/green apple books/whoever else wants my crap. Seriously if you want something give me a hollar.

Once everything is organized, then I can get to the fun projects like putting photos and posters up, a indoor garden in the kitchen, and overall a kick ass studio space that I love. Of course I will probably blog about the cleanup on here just for kicks and giggles. Just don’t judge me.

Two very different things, but one big goal, an energized Diana that is happy and healthy. 

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